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I specialized in geography and computer science at the University of Western Ontario and at the University of Toronto (received a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship).  I  took courses in meteorology, climatology, glaciology and economics at that time and have kept up an interest in these areas of study even though I went into operational research when I graduated.  I worked as a consultant in the operational research groups at Canadian National Railways, Canada Post and the Federal Government before retiring.  Since retiring, I took some cosmology courses at Carleton University and at Ottawa U 

Over the years, I served as Chairman of the former Gloucester City’s Environmental Committee, was President of the Blackburn Community Assoc., served as President of the Gloucester Allotment Garden Assoc. for 33 years (one of Ottawa’s many community gardens), am a member of the Canadian Organic Growers (COG), give presentations about eco-friendly yard care, composting and organic vegetable gardening, and served on the National Capital Commission’s Greenbelt Master Plan Advisory Committee.